Steve’s Journey Onto the Dogma

When a rider decides its time for a new bike, occasionally they walk right in, point to a bike on the rack and exclaim “That one!”. However this is rarely the case. When Steve came into Eden Bicycles he had a few idea’s of what he wanted in a bike, but at the time was just researching what could be done to replace the Kestral he had ridden and loved so much. His initial requests were that it had to be quick, it had to be nimble, and it had to be light. The obvious choice for that was the Cervelo R3, a bicycle that weighs around 16lbs out of the box, with a pure classic look that just screams fast.

After some discussion Steve test road the  R3, knowing that if he liked that, more than likely he would love the next step up to the  Cervelo R5. He took the bike out to Redwood Road and after about a 5 mile ride came back to the shop and explained that although he loved how it handled, it was a little harsh at times. With that note we set Steve out on the Pinarello Paris, again knowing if he liked that he’d love the step up to the Dogma 65.1. Steve repeated his route and came back grinning ear to ear. We knew we had found a winner.  Steve walked us through his ride describing how well the bike climbed, and how well it cornered and took the rough spots of the road with more comfort and ease. However, Steve still had one more bike on his list that he just had to try, the Trek Emonda.

Now we do not sell Trek at Eden Bicycles, but we are well aware of our competitors product lines. The Trek Emonda is no joke, it’s one of the lightest production model bikes on the market, and has a huge fan following. The bike itself is very stiff and meant for a rider who really wants to climb. A worthy choice against a Pinarello Dogma. We shook hands, and wished him well and said we’d be in touch soon. About a week or so went by before we heard from Steve, he requested a quote for the Pinarello Dogma 65.1 with full Campagnolo Chorus Electronic. The staff went straight to work on getting the build set up, and delivered him a quote within the day. He informed us he was still looking at the Emonda, but really liked the look and the feel of the Pinarello. Another week went by before he told us he had chosen to purchase the Pinarello Dogma. I never got his exact reasoning behind why he went with the Dogma 65.1 but I did see the smile he had when he got back from his first test ride on one.

Pinarello isn’t known for being a lightweight bicycle, they are light, but that’s not Pinarello’s goal. Their goal is to have the best ride quality of any bike on the planet. Steve’s ideal build was to have an Italian frame built with Italian parts. A Campagnolo Chrous Electronic groupo, with Enve 3.4 wheels. Now Enve is not Italian, but sometimes quality out weighs aesthetics and the Enve 3.4 wheelset is the perfect touch for a bike that handles and climbs as well as the Dogma 65.1.

Upon pick up, the moment Steve saw his Pinarello the smile we had seen after his initial test ride was twice as big. Andrew went to work on fitting him to the bike, adjusting his saddle and reach, making sure his ideal bike fit him as perfectly as he would have imagined.

This was Steve’s first experience with us, and we hope we made it as smooth as possible. Time will tell if he loves the Dogma as much as he had hoped he would, but we certainly think he will.

Thanks for working with us here at Eden Bicycles Steve. We look forward to working with you again in the future.


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