Something New

Hello everyone, if you’re reading this you probably know already that Eden Bicycles has been around for quite sometime. 2015 will be our 13th year of providing exceptional service to the local cycling community and we only want to get better. Its our goal this year not only to continue that level of service, but we also want to connect with our customers on a more personal level. We want to know what your favorite rides are, what goals you have for you and your bike, and what makes you continue to wake up in the mornings and clip your feet into the pedals and explore. Not only that, we want to know what we here at Eden Bicycles can do to help you with your journey on and off the bike. We’ve created this Word Press to help us with that goal. By doing so we hope to involve all of you in discussions about current events not only here at Eden Bicycles, but with the Cycling world as well. Whether you love road biking, mountain biking, or simply enjoy a stroll around the lake we want to keep you informed  and up to date. Be on the look out for future posts and discussions. We will be updating this account very soon, and would love your feedback to help us grow. Our Sincerest Thanks, The Eden Bicycles Staff


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