Riding and Rain

Wind, rain and the cold can put many people off cycling through the winter, but with the latest cycle clothing it’s perfectly possible to insulate and protect yourself from the elements so you can cycle quite happily through the winter. When you buy new clothing, you’ll benefit from the motivation to try it out. Pearl Izumi makes some really quality clothing that can keep you safe and dry on rainy days.

It’s only weather, don’t be discouraged by it, look at it as another great challenge to add to your ride. We’re lucky in California that the weather never really gets that bad, it’s very well suited to year-round cycling. And the colder and wetter it is, well that’s more power to you for facing it and riding on.

If you do go out and brave the storm, remember to use your lights, don’t over do it, and be safe! Above all else though, treat yourself! Rainy day rides can be daunting, and sometimes down right tough, but if you do it, reward yourself with a nice big cup of hot chocolate and/ or maybe your favorite dessert. You’ve earned it!

On a side note all of our Winter Apparel is 30% off, come get it while its cold!


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